Men for Mental Health is a non-profit awareness campaignsocial network and support community. We aim to provide a potential resource and outlet for information, support literature and guidance.
Throughout various network outlets we provide topical literature, media and other exclusive content produced for our community - from all walks of life.
A familiar, accessible and approachable environment which aims to allow for simple, straight forward discourse around mental health. We look forward to getting involved with local and further afield awareness campaigns, charity events and more.
We are not a business, and we are not able to offer clinical, medical advice. We would just like to invest some time and energy into something we care about. And we hope you can join us.
The Men for Mental Health project publishes featured content. If you have a story to tell, please contact us at;

"Best Mental Health Awareness Initiative, United Kingdom - 2018"

"President's Award - 2017"

Charlie Kendall

Charlie is a Graduate Teacher at York St. John University, and is currently undertaking a PhD within The School of Psychological and Social Sciences. Much of his academic work has explored the field of mental health and wellbeing, and the complex social implications of mental illness. His recent work includes a dissertation on how individual and collective social networks function in the context of community style support for mental illness. He has become an ardent advocate for the promotion of mental health awareness and has completed LivingWorks SafeTalk Suicide Prevention training. He hopes that by sharing his personal experiences and providing a platform for others to share their own, the Men for Mental Health project can function in a way that will allow for a far reaching and expansive positive influence.

Jonathon Castling

Jonathon is a qualified full-time Mental Health Nurse working in the North East. Prior to attending the university he worked in the care sector for three years in elderly mental health units as well as learning disability centres. His knowledge and enthusiasm has developed through opportunities offered through the undertaking of his BSc programme, including; forensics, personality disorder units and a number of other areas within the mental health sector. These placements have allowed for participation in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy sessions, medication rounds, distribution and much more. Jonathon's continued professional development allows for a valued perspective within the processes of our campaign.